Priya Singh

Undergraduate Student​​

Andrew Garcia

PALMS Clinical Coordinator

Lab manager

Andrew Su

Undergraduate Student

Jesse Leonard

Undergraduate Student

Ana Cobian, PhD

​​Postdoctoral Scholar​​

Gabrielle Shapiro

Undergraduate Student

Natasha Kanhirun

BS/MS Student

Albert Nasr

Undergraduate Student

Taek Soo Kim, MD

Visiting Scholar​​

Marissa Proost

Research Associate, CLS Student


Lab Members

Dr. Pride is originally from Nashville, Tennessee. He received his undergraduate degree in biology from Wake Forest University and entered the MSTP program at Vanderbilt University. He received his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from Vanderbilt University in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Blaser and completed his M.D. at New York University.  He finished his medical residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Internal Medicine, and a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Stanford University.  He then moved to The University of California, San Diego and serves as the Director of the Clinical Molecular Microbiology Laboratory and as the Associate Director of the Microbiology Laboratory. He also runs a research laboratory dedicated to human microbiome and human virome work. Dr. Pride also collaborates with the Center for Innovative Phage Applications and Therapeutics at UCSD, and has been working to understand how we might better understand the interactions between phages and their host bacteria for phage therapy. Dr. Pride's other major interests are in developing diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, and in understanding the role of microbial communities in human health and disease. 

Yaron Fireizen, MD

Infectious Diseases Fellow​​

David T. Pride, MD PhD

Mint Ruangritchai

Undergraduate Student

Faiza Naz

Visiting Scholar

Anh Tran

Research Associate


Former Lab Members

Alisha Blanc

Research Associate

Principal Investigator

Joseph Oh, MS

Research Associate

Maranda Stricklin

Undergraduate Student

​Social Media Intern

April Castaneda

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Pooja Ghatbale, MS

Senior Research Associate​​

  • Mayuri Naidu, Staff Research Associate
  • Refugio Robles-Sikisaka, Ph.D., Postdoc
  • Nitya Rao, Undergraduate Student
  • Christina Yeh, Undergraduate Student
  • ​​​Madona Khoshabafard, Undergraduate Student
  • ​Ray-Young Tsao, Undergraduate Student
  • ​Rami Michael, Resident
  • ​Andrew Lum, DDS
  • Philip Herbert, Undergraduate Student
  • Ryan McKinzie, Undergraduate Student, CLS
  • Leslie Yip, Undergraduate Student
  • Jonathan Gao, Dental Student
  • Gabrielle Pine, Undergraduate Student
  • Zachary Baldwin, Masters Student
  • Jessica Chopyk, PhD, Postdoc
  • Hedieh Attai, PhD, Postdoc
  • Serena McCarthy, MS, IPATH Virtual Intern
  • Lina Huang, BS, Lab Manager, Medical Student
  • Sam Penziner, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician
  • Grace Kovalick, MS
  • Nicole Hitchcock, BS, Medical Student
  • Valeria Bonomie, Undergraduate Student
  • Christine Do, Undergraduate Student
  • Andrea Lay Kwoon, PharmD, Visiting Scholar
  • Erin Natale, BS, Masters Student
  • Govind Sah, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Megan Chiu, CLS Student
  • Josh Borin, PhD
  • Kanza Batool, Visiting Graduate Student
  • Ethan Khong, Research Associate, Medical Student
  • Khrissa LeCrone, CLS
  • Emma Ellefson-Frank, Undergraduate Student
  • Madison Wong, Undergraduate Student, Social Media Intern
  • Sirius Wang, High School Student

Alicia Amamoto

Research Associate

PALMS Lab Manager

Monica Bates

Research Associate


  • Melissa Ly, Lab Manager, Staff Research Associate 
  • Tasha Santiago-Rodriguez, Ph.D., Postdoc
  • Shira Abeles, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician
  • Abdul Saboory, Undergraduate Student
  • Kevin Johnson, Undergraduate Student
  • Tovia Bavly, MD
  • Leila Schwanemann, Lab Manager, Staff Research Associate
  • ​Katayoon Atabakhsh, Undergraduate Student
  • Victoria Popov, Undergraduate Student
  • Kevin Wu, Undergraduate Student
  • Ivan Chan, ​Dental Student
  • Ravi Sadhu, ​Undergraduate Student
  • Olympia Alvarez, CLS, MPH
  • Kathya Arana-Fernandez Garrido, Undergraduate Student
  • Nicola Mangieri, Visiting Graduate Student
  • Jenny Shin, BS, CLS
  • Thaidra Gaufin, MD PhD, Infectious Diseases Physician
  • Joseph Tygart, High School Student
  • Lei Wang, Visiting Scholar
  • Lamya Lokhandwala, Undergraduate Student
  • ​Vivian Lin, CLS
  • Claudia Sanchez-Ramirez, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician
  • Roland Liu, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Jasmine Chung, MD, Visiting Scholar
  • Dustin Heeney, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar
  • Alison Rhoads, Undergraduate Student
  • My Nguyen, CLS
  • Job Shiach, Medical Student
  • Peiting Kuo, CLS
  • ​Jaehoon Kim, Undergraduate Student
  • Samuel Gabovitz, Undergraduate Student
  • Connor Dam, Undergraduate Student
  • Kristin Nghiem, IPATH Scholars Program
  • Katja Suster, Visiting Scholar
  • Brandon Sharp, Volunteer