Claudia Sanchez-Ramirez, MD

Infectious Diseases Fellow

David Pride, MD PhD 

 Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Research Team

Linda Brubaker, MD 

Affiliate Member

Govind Sah, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Saima Aslam, MD 

Leadership Team

Translational Research In Bacteriophage Therapies Seminar Series

Rob Knight, PhD 

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Steffanie Strathdee, PhD 


The Center for Innovative Phage Applications and Therapeutics (IPATH) was founded in the UC San Diego School of Medicine in June 2018 with seed funding from UC San Diego Chancellor Pradeep Khosla. Our goal is to pursue, through collaboration with researchers, companies and institutions around the world, new treatments for combating antimicrobial resistant diseases—focusing on bacteriophage (phage) therapy. We have treated and will continue to treat patients with life-threatening multi-drug resistant infections with phage therapy through the FDA’s compassionate use program.  We also strive to advance phage therapy into clinical trials so that it can be rigorously evaluated and if proven efficacious, become more widely available to combat the global superbug crisis. 

Erin Natale, BS

Masters Student

Katrine Whiteson, PhD  

Affiliate Member

Dustin Heeney, PhD

Infectious Diseases Fellow

Chip Schooley, MD 


Connie Benson, MD  

Leadership Team

1) Dwayne Roach, PhD - March 27, 2019, at UCSD

2) Chip Schooley, MD - April 24, 2019, at SDSU

3) Graham Hatful, PhD - May 29, 2019, at UCSD

4) David Pride, MD PhD - June 26, 2019, at SDSU

5) Katrine Whiteson, PhD - August 28, 2019, at SDSU

6) Vincent Fischetti, PhD - September 25, 2019, at UCSD

7) Justin Meyer, PhD - October 23, 2019, at SDSU

8) Forest Rohwer, PhD - November 20, 2019, at UCSD

9) Paul Bollyky, PhD - January 29, 2020, at SDSU

10) Rob Edwards, PhD - February 26, 2020, at UCSD

​11) Betty Kutter, PhD - September 21, 2022, at UCSD